What Makes Us Special

Siriusly Doggy products have all been tested and approved by our dogs and worn by thousands of others. Style and comfort mixed with practicality, fantastic quality and excellent customer service are what keeps our customers coming back.

Our dog coats are tailored to fit the curves of a sighthound, and incorporate features that ensure they will stay warm and comfortable no matter what the weather. A roll up collar with a slot to attach the lead keeps your dogs neck and ears protected, while a belly cover fastening around the body of the coat keeps everything snug and in place, keeping their delicate chest area warm and dry. Great for muddy days out - these coats are machine washable (unlike your dog!) Polar fleece fabric lining ensures maximum comfort. Two types of coat are available - as a quilted padded winter coat, and a lighter weight all season coat. Prices start at £25.

Our dog collars are available in a variety of styles and designs. Durable heavy duty hardware is used for all types of collar. They may look pretty on the outside but rot proof polypropylene webbing is at the core of all collars and leads, making them strong, durable and washable. Leads are available as plain webbing, faced (one side) or fully covered to match and coordinate with collars.

Collars are available in two widths, as a clip free house collar, clip on collar, or martingale. You can even have a collar and lead made to coordinate with a coat. Prices start at £11.

What our customers are saying

Fantastic service and excellent product! Looks 'the business' on my dog.
David Rudd and Bobby the lurcher

dog coats

Coats are available as a padded winter coat or an all -season lighter weight coat. Please see the measurement guide to help you measure your dog for a coat. Primarily, we make for sighthound type dogs, but If you would like a coat for a different breed, please contact us.

collars and leads

Collars are available in 1"(2.5 cm) width and 1.5"(4cm) widths, as a clip free house collar, martingale, or clip on collar. Fully adjustable, they are made to fit a range of sizes. Please see the measurement guide to help you measure for a collar.

Beds and Blankets

Being firm believers in upcycling and reducing waste, we have made a cover that allows you to put that old duvet to use! The smallest size will convert a single duvet into comfortable bed for small breeds up to a whippet, whilst the larger cover will accomodate a double duvet for a larger lurcher or greyhound.

custom orders

Items can be custom made to suit a variety of breeds, large and small. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements whether it is for a collar, a lead, a coat or a full matching set! Simply contact us to get started and we will work together to create a stunning wardrobe for your dog.